Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A little Bit About Me.....

Hello Ladies and Gentleman my name as Is Ivory C. Davis Jr. as most of you already know.
I’m In Love……Not With A Person But with life in general. A
little about me I was Born And Raised In The Great City And State, Paterson, New Jersey, October 17,1989. I’m A very Talented Drummer and Musician, and Very much devoted To Music.... Any Kind of Music. At the time in currently Attending school and studying to become a teacher, to give back to the inner city youths. I Have a great Family who I love and loves my back. I just want to thank my family for all they have done for me. They raised me the best way the could, always been there for me, when I needed them. And I highly appreciate that and must say that they have created a Well mannered, strong, self motivated, Gentleman , they lead me to believe that anything I possible and now I’m starting to see it for myself. Something’s I have control over that I’m proud of myself for is I Have A Car, My Own Place, I Don’t Smoke And Or Drink, I Have No Kids, not that I think kids are bad or I don’t want to have kids, just not right now!. No Criminal History, I’m Very Level Headed, and Almost The Perfect Gentleman. One thing I know For Sure Is that I’m not a Womanizer. I feel that is so wrong to Play with a woman’s Feelings, Emotions, and heart. Because what it does is makes it hard for her to get over it and makes it hard for the nice guy who’s really interested in building a foundation with her, to later create an empire. Moving on, play in a group called B.L.V.D. We are Getting Known And Recognized By People that Count….We Consist of Two Keyboard Players, One Drummer, An Alto-Saxophone Player/Singer, and A Bass Guitar Player. Also I Very Involved With the Church and yes I play the Drums Their. Also I teach young kids (boys and girls) and upcoming musicians how to play Drums & Instruments, it’s my way of Giving back to the community without Being Forced I volunteer!. Furthermore I like to go to Parties, the Movies , the Mall, Bowling, skating, and whatever else I’m down for a good time always. I like to new people all the time, cause you never know who you might meet.
The New IVORY C. DAVIS JR. Is Changing so they say ……… Well.... Guest What? I Am.....who Doesn't Change?......... I’m Changing For the Better Of Me. No More Mister Nice Guy because At the End off the day n Nice Guys Finish Last, Right? And with that, Some of the things People use To Get Over on or take off ,I'm Not Letting It travel down that road any More. I’m Putting My Foot Down, Not Backing Down From Any Challenges And I’m Standing Up For Myself. I’m Tired Biting My Tongue To Keep Everyone Else Happy. I’m Nobody ‘s Doormat, no one is walking over me. I’m a Pretty cool Dude Just Don’t Cross Me Once You Cross me, I Have To Cut You Off And that’s It. If You Can’t Handle it, Your Best Bet Is to Get Away From Me Now, Because I Don’t Need No one in My life That’s Not Trying To Build With Me. When It Comes To Relationships, I’m Not Trusted..... Why? Is What I ask.... When I'm Very Trust Worthy. Yeah I Did Some Things In the Past But who Hasn’t ?.... I've Learned From My Mistakes and I Now Know What It Takes Not to make those Same Old Mistakes Again Cause Now I know What’s At Stake....Losing Trust..... And Once There’s No Trust There can be No Us……… I Love Life To Much To Let Anything, or anyone Stress Me out. Life is way to short for that . The end….I want to thank Everybody who took the time to sit and read this. God Bless You